You are a Great White Shark!

Great White Shark

Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on earth and thanks to films like “Jaws,” are the reason many people stay out of the water. With their 300 or more serrated teeth, they can rip their prey to shreds but most attacks on humans are merely “sample bites.”

You can’t say “great white” without conjuring up images of body parts washed up on the shores of Amity Island, but the great white shark’s fearful reputation as a man-eater is unfounded. Sure, you might rip chunks out of people who get in your way but on the whole, your bark is worse than your bite, and you’re far more likely to win a fight through intellect than aggression.

While your fearful reputation might make some people wary of you, it’s one way to get the best spot on the beach.

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