Which Career Should I Choose?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How much are you motivated by money?

Suitcase full of money

Is money a prime motivation for you or do you not worry about it?

The pressure is on and time is running out, what do you do?

Classic Clock

Time can shape our decisions. How does a time limit affect you?

If you were a lucky charm, what would you be?

Four leaf clovers

Luck comes in many shapes and sizes, which would you choose?

What is your favorite work day lunch?

Chicken Lunch

If you could choose any of these dishes for lunch, what would it be?

What toys did you play with most as a child?

Toy train set

Your childhood has a lasting effect for your needs in life. When you were a child, which toys did you play with most?

How important is job security to you?

Signing a work contract

Some jobs can end in an instant. Some can last forever. Which of these options describes your feeling on job security?

What sort of thinker are you?


Different careers means different ways of thinking. Which method of thinking best suits you?

Which F characteristic best describes you?

The letter f

Out of these five characteristics, which are you most like?

If you were a hat, what style would you be?

Person holding a hat on the beach

Out of these five hat choices, which suits your style most?

Which cheese best describes you?

Grated cheese

Pick the type of cheese which fits who you are most.

Which member of The Beatles do you most identify with?

The Beatles

Which musician from "The Beatles" best matches your personality?

Which animal do you most identify with?


Which of these five animals best describes you?

Which Trivial Pursuit category is your strongest?

Trivial Pursuit board game

Which of the following categories are you most knowledgeable about?

How organized are you?

Organized desk

Organization will tell which career you "fit" best into. How organized would you describe yourself to be?

Are you a team player?

Hands put together for team chant

Teamwork can make or break a career. How much of a team player are you?