I Should Date Mr. Ordinary!

Mr. Ordinary

You don't need flashy. You don't need daring. But you do need someone on whom you can depend.. Although Mr. Ordinary isn't necessarily overburdened by beauty, his devotion will ultimately burrow through your ribs and into your heart. If you decide to have kids (and he's the kind of guy that wants to), he'll have no problem picking them up from school and stopping by the grocery store to grab any dinner supplies. He may not be Mr. Reliable but he really is reliable.

You've probably experienced the double edged sword of dating a Mr. Ordinary. You don't have to worry about him cheating, but you might end up taking him for granted. If you do this too often the relationship will certainly crumble -- and it'll have been all your fault.

Mr. Ordinary may not be the most sought-after guy, but others are looking too! If you want some tips how to land this kind of guy, click the banner to watch a FREE video on how to get him to fall in love with you. Good luck!