You Should Date Mr. Knight!

Mr. Knight

You -- like many young girls -- grew up with the Disney fantasy of a handsome prince coming to the rescue. The good news is that many boys are raised with the complementary fantasy, and when these young men come of age... Presto! Mr. Knight!

He's there for you, no matter what dragons he has to slay in the process. He seems to be the perfect gentleman; willing to stick by your side come-what-may. The good news is that you're fully aware of the catch... he expects you to stay by his side while he feverishly pursues his own goals.

Mr. Knight DOES exist. He knows precisely what he wants in his relationship and life, is generous and will take time to cater to your princessly needs, even if they involve nightly foot rubs or psychological therapy sessions. All you have to do in return is promise undying love and fidelity.

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