You Should Date Mr. Fling!

Mr. Fling

Sure Mr. Fling is fun to date but your girlfriends will be pulling their hair out trying to warn you that he's not someone to fall in love with.

But you know better. He's fun, well-mannered and compassionate and you're fully aware that a commitment longer than a summer is too nerve-wracking for him. The fact is, you're also looking for a bit of no-strings-attached entertainment yourself, and this guy fits the bill. He might even be involved with another (or a few) girl at the same time, and you'll deal with that just fine. Maybe you have another Mr. Fling ready to deploy if necessary.

Summer love is exciting but isn't the best long-term solution. When you're ready to commit you'll make sure to choose a more sturdy companion. Right?

It's not easy to get Mr. Fling to fall for you. There's a lot of fish in the sea. If you want some tips how to land this kind of guy, click the banner to watch a FREE video on how to get him to fall in love with you. Good luck!