You Should Date Mr. Kid!

Mr. Kid

Although Mr. Kid isn't known for his smarts or maturity, his playfulness is unmatched, and girls just want to have fun right?

You need humor and fun in your life and most serious potential partners just don't get it. Mr. Kid's unpredictable nature may put you on edge, but there's something adorable and exciting about this quality too. If you can keep up with his high energy and optimism, the romantic rewards will be worth it. Bonus: if you have your own kids already, he's a total rock star when it comes to taking care of them (mainly because he's still one himself).

It won't take you long to figure out that some things he says aren't well thought out -- and can even be a little hurtful -- but unlike his attention span, his heart is huge and his intentions pure. All in all, as long as you childproof the sharp edges of your life, this guy is a keeper.

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