What Kind of Makeup Should You Wear?

"Feeling comfortable in your own skin" has a lot to do with your appearance, so wearing the right kind of makeup can really make a difference. Many of us choose our styles based on fashion or peer pressure and never really feel that we're being true to ourselves. This test will help!

You may be young now, but you'll discover that It's far more important to consider the right make-up as your age. Here are some hints about the right and wrong ways to apply base and powders. Almost all women use an excessive amount of foundation in an effort to cover up wrinkles and fine lines, and the rule of thumb is to choose a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin. And don't be afraid to use powder. The younger you are, the more likely you have an excessive amount of oil on your skin. Powder absorbs humidity and oil.

Professional makeup artists NEVER use powder on women over 50, because it has a habit of sitting on top of wrinkles as makes them stand out. Older women want their jawlines to be prominent and jowl lines appear most conspicuously when they laugh (which is why they're referred to as smile lines). So wear longer, more prominent earrings to pull eyes away from your jaw, but don't wear chokers or large necklaces as they'll draw attention to the area.

Crow's feed are wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the outer edges of our eyes. As your skin loses elasticity, these lines become long-term problems. Avoid heavy quantities of concealer (or risk having raccoon eyes) and don't use powder around your eyes as it'll settle into those lines. Use liquid liner rather than a pencil. Apply a natural appearing curve line on the outside corners to give a faux raise.

Your hair isn't the only thing that thins as you grow older. Your lips will too. This is why many women have fat injections to plump up their lips. Your lip line also fades as you get older, so use a lip liner and consider replacing your lipstick with a lip gloss. Gloss can create the illusion of plump lips, but the effects are temporary and can cause your lip line to become displaced.

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