Your spirit animal is the Wolf!

A wolf staring into the camera while snow falls around it

As one of the traditional totem animals amongst native people, the wolf is universally respected for its sharp intelligence, social adaptability and zest for freedom. If the wolf is your spirit animal, expect to be led into places few people would dare to go. And what an adventure it will be!

With supreme confidence that it can handle just about any situation, wolves don’t waste much time planning the future. They’ll take it as it comes and invariably come out on top. While this is reflective of the wolf’s predatory nature, it’s mitigated by the wolf’s desire for harmony.

When it comes to relationships you should be cautious. Unless your partner shares the same lust for unbridled adventure, your wolf guide will dominate the relationship and create an impossible-to-control imbalance that can destroy even the most promising unions.