Your Spirit Animal is a Walrus!

Walrus looking majestic in the snow

The proud, the loud and eccentric walrus make an interesting and buoyant spirit guide Since you're a person who enjoys social outings, your walrus totem will encourage you to be the life of the party -- even if you're not necessarily the best dancer.

Finesse and accuracy are not hallmarks of this spirit guide, but thanks to its idiosyncratic and quirky personality, there will be no lack of adventure. But beware... not everyone will respond to your walrus guide's sense of humor. It will certainly help you make your share of friends, but there will be detractors as well.

Walruses insist on social justice so when it comes to helping friends, you'll have to make a decent effort if you want to keep your spirit guide happy. The good news is that your friends will generally respond to your efforts and reciprocate.

All in all, those who have this tough (albeit a little lazy) animal as a spirit guide will appreciate the positive effects on their social and business relationships.