Your spirit animal is the horse!

A wild horse galloping on the plains

It’s nice to have a spirit animal with strong shoulders. And because horses love nothing better than supporting their chosen companions, with a horse at your side, you’ll breeze through life with envious ease.

But those that know you are probably aware of your over-sensitive side, for horses don’t like to be ignored and will reflexively lash out with a sharp kick when they feel disrespected.

The horse spirit guide will take charge of your life... which is mostly a good thing. They are great at anticipating upcoming obstacles and making sure that you don’t trip up, and if sometimes you just want a little freedom to express yourself, a horse companion will hold back and simply watch over you.

But a horse isn’t going to help you to become a leader. It’s natural lack of aggression will steer you away from high-powered sales jobs and into careers where foresight and strategy are rewarded.