Your Spirit Animal is a Bat!

photo of bat in a tree

Having a bat as your spirit guide is a great thing for nonconformist and somewhat introverted people, for bats have a unique perspective. It's an airborne animal that tends to look down at conventionality.

Because bats are not a true birds, they haven't quite mastered the art of flying and is a little awkward when it comes to socializing. But this suits you perfectly because you probably feel the same way. The bottom line is that unlike most spirit animals, having a bat in your life is about companionship and camaraderie -- rather than expecting it to provide leadership.

Your spirit animal's built in radar will help you to figure out the motivations of other people, but be aware that these unassertive creatures have a habit of flitting in and out of your life. This isn't because it's abandoned you.... it will come back to roost in its own time..

The bat's sixth sense will give you other insights as well... particularly when it comes to the non-material aspects of your life.... like relationships. So don't try and push your spirit animal around. Bats are sensitive and intuitive and function poorly when aggressed.