Your Spirit Animal is a Badger!

Badger haphazardly walking through dirt

When you have a badger as your spirit guide, you're going to have very few days when you feel insecure or depressed, for your badger spirit animal specializes in overconfidence. But there's a bit of a down-side... the badger's exuberance and willfulness may have you reaching for the stars , but often at the expense of important social relationships.

Badger spirits will have no problem leading you into uncharted territories, because they have supreme confidence that they can handle anything that comes their way. This will undoubtedly help you in your business dealings, especially when it comes to starting new ventures, or getting that product to market..

Badgers love home life and will encourage you to nest and secure your house, but this doesn't mean that badgers are afraid. They NEVER back down from a fight!

Badgers have thick skins, which is why you'll be able to ignore haters and backbiters as you make your busy way through life.