You Should get a Lurcher!

Lurcher awaiting instructions

The word lurcher signifies a silent and stealthy presence, which accurately demonstrates the abilities of this hunting dog. Lurchers are combination of other breeds with Greyhounds in order to increase speed, intellect or scenting skills. With a peaceful disposition and active way of life, lurchers will gently worm their way into your heart.

If you have a cat or other small animals, you may need to take this quiz again. This dog has a strong prey drive and can take off at a moment’s notice to chase a furry critter. Strong enclosures are needed to prevent this dog from running away.

Early training is required to prevent this dog from getting headstrong. Daily long walks and a safe enclosed area to play will make this dog happy. Food and scraps should be kept away as lurchers will furtively sneak into your trashcan without drawing attention.