You should get a German Shepherd!

German Shepherd

It takes some work to properly master a German Shepherd. These extremely affectionate animals love to play and their boisterous antics can create problems if the dog is not trained to behave. Unfamiliar strangers will be met with a fearsome, repeating bark until their owner makes the effort to acquaint the two. But they need love. A lot of love. If you're away from the house on a regular basis, this dog will wilt like flowers you forget to water..

Needs: This dog will require a lot of stimulation before it can sit around calmly. This is not an apartment dog, and you should even be careful about keeping it in a small house -- although crate training does wonders to limit its separation anxieties.

If you have a big heart with a lot of free time this dog will give it's life for you and your family.