You Should get a Fox Terrier!

Fox Terrier smiling

This long-nosed fella comes in two main varieties: smooth or wire. Originally bred to hunt foxes, their coats stand out from their prey with either white or black, with possibly tan markings. Fox Terriers have a natural curiosity, and will spend hours investigating unusual smells and objects. Barking and digging every chance it gets, this breed is active, outgoing and unlimitedly playful.

You’ll never find yourself bored with your terrier. They socialize well with other dogs, but keeping other small animals, such as cats, is not a good idea. They’re smart, and with persistent training, can be taught complex tricks.

Fox Terriers need firm training from an early age because their digging habits can easily get out of hand. A terrier is a ball of energy, so be prepared to take it out for regular exercise so it curls up happily next to you and falls to sleep.