You should get a English Sheepdog!

English Sheepdog

If you enjoy humor in your dog, English Sheepdogs are the way to go. These are romping and playful creatures that enjoy being on the same level as their human companions, and require at least an hour of daily exercise. If you leave this dog alone for long, your household items are endangered! English Sheepdogs are quite destructive when they feel abandoned. But with thorough socialization, this problem can be minimized.

These dogs are affectionate so be prepared for a dirty beard to show up on your lap when you least expect it. If you have other pets or children, this dog is an excellent socializer. But they can be headstrong so it'll take some confidence to tame one.

Needs: Cleanliness is a must as these dogs simply love tracking wet mud onto clean floors. Their shaggy fur picks up a considerable amount of dirt, so you'll be doing quite a bit of clipping. Regular grooming is a must.