You should get a Chihuahua!


These little monsters are ever so quirky -- and that's why they're right for you!

Even though these dogs are predisposed to being anti-social, hyper or extroverted, you can train their social responses with a little patience. Chihuahuas are a long-term investment in companionship (as they tend to live longer than most), and the cool thing is that you can accessorize them to your wardrobe since they come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Unlike many dogs that bark at approaching strangers, these dogs will maintain a quieter, low-throated growl and look to you to enforce the boundaries. If you're unable to spend much time with your dog, simply get another chihuahua... these dogs do best with their own kind.

Needs. These rascals enjoy A LOT OF WARMTH, so if you provide a cozy blanket on top of a thermal dog bed, they will love you for it. These sometimes-neurotic dogs require a lot of love, so make sure to use a lot of positive encouragement to bring them to their full potential.