You Should get a Boerboel

Boerboel looking off into the distance

Boerboel is Afrikaans for farmer’s dog and this South African was to protect crops and diamond mines. Typically around two feet tall, Boerboels can be quite intimidating with their beefy heads, territorial bark and large teeth. This makes it the perfect guard dog. Although its muscular exterior can scare off strangers, it is surprisingly gentle in the presence other dogs, cats and even birds. Boerboels are also very good around children – but as is the case with any large dog, should not be left unsupervised when around small kids.

Socialization is required to reduce aggression or shyness in this dog. When walking, always keep it on a leash and make sure your yard is properly fenced. You will have to introduce your friends as Boerboels are very protective of their families. Regular exercise is a must and there’s nothing it loves more than a long game of fetch.