You Should get a Beagle!

Beagle looking up with begging eyes

Beagles are a hugely popular breed found in family households across the world. They are perfect companions and are easy to care for. With a handsome tan, white and black coat, these dogs have a snout that can sniff out anything. A member of the Beagle Brigade, the breed is used U.S. airports to provide a reassuring presence while skillfully detecting unlawful agriculture products. Beagles take about a year to house train, but whether you’re living in an apartment or on a ranch, their versatility (and cuteness) makes a Beagle an ideal choice.

Beagles love to sniff and will need consistently long walks to keep them entertained and calm. They love food more than anything, so you’ll have to keep track of their diet while keeping cupboards and trashcans from entry.