You Should get a Basset Hound!

Basset Hound with droopy ears

Short legs, droopy ears and lovable eye gazes, Basset Hounds waddle through life charming everyone with their quirky personalities. With a choice of a white, tan or black coat, this breed has a positive temperament and socializes well with other pets. Its life-plan is to go slow, but be ready for the occasional bout of disobedience.

A basset hound is needy for affection and will let out loud mournful howls when craving attention. Be ready for its manipulative ways of looking helpless.

If allowed into the back yard, bassets must be safely secured. They will aimlessly follow their noses, and this can lead them into streets or other dangerous areas. Long and slow walks will prevent weight gain and keep them happy, and be prepared for regular visits to the vet to proactively check for health issues.