You belong in the 80s!

Artistic picture of dancing in the 1980s

People think back on the 80s with mixed emotions. This decade was about people emerging from the laid-back 70s. The technological explosion changed how we communicated, and with the emergence of the smartphone and the Internet, things would never be the same. With new found access to celebrities and world news, we had 10 years of (mostly regrettable) fashion, and innovative ideas that made for many iconic moments.

You belong in the 80s because you are ready for change and welcome innovation. You are a person on a mission! Some would even call it ruthless ambition -- and there's no doubt that you harbor a secret desire to change the world. When it comes to your personal life, you have no problem spoiling yourself (and others) by spending money, and just like the 80s, you are an unforgettable human being.

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