You belong in the 70s!

Sunglasses from the 1970s era

The 70s were a time of hidden scandals and many important things happened behind closed doors. From Watergate to the emerging computer age, the future was starting to take a much different direction. And to the dismay of many, this was the decade of free love and disco, where you could let yourself go without any consequences. Until AIDS.

As a doppelganger of the 70s, you tend to see things a little differently and are always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing. Technology doesn't scare you in the least -- even like test-tube babies and the upcoming AI revolution. However, you also have a reserved side and know how to enjoy the simple things in life. Even though your life is not perfect, no one needs to know that - which is why you always seem to have a goofy grin.

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