Who Was I in a Past Life?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How likely are you to have a verbal altercation?

Man yelling

Which of these would you rather do?

A view of fresh crops

What would you do if a neighbor stole from you?

Someone pick-pocketing from another

Money creates...

Lots and lots of cash

You're most likely to be...

Family spending time together

A bird is unable to fly. You...

Bird perched on a twig

You like to be best known for....

A helping hand

How often do you try new experiences?

People traveling to new territory

When it comes to dependability, your friends say...

Man looking up to his dependable friend

When it comes to socializing, you...

A social event

You see a homeless person, you

Homeless person

Which statement best describes you?

Woman clutching heart