Which US City Should You Live In?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Do you have any children?

Brother and sister laying together

Are children a part of your life or is the plan not to have any?

Variety has more benefits than routine.

Guy break dancing

What's better, variety or routine?

How green would you say you are?

Recycling bin

Do you do your best to recycle?

How important is ethnic diversity to you?

A group of ethnically diverse people

Do you need a lot of cultural diversity in your life?

Do you have a desire to be a celebrity?

Tom Cruise star walkway

How much do you want to be a celebrity?

Are you spontaneous or planned?

Daily planner

Are your plans thought of in advance or only a few minutes prior?

How important are theater, music, and art galleries to you?

Ballerina twirling

Some people need art in their lives. Are you one of them?

What subject interests you the most?

Stack of books

Which of these four subjects are you most curious about?

How physically active are you?

Woman lazily brushing her hair

Are you someone who works out or do you prefer to live on the couch?

You like your favorite hotel because it's...

Hotel room

What choice is the biggest influence in a hotel?

How do you feel about the weather?

Beautiful fall trees with red and orange colors

Which climate do you prefer most?

How often do you party?

Crowd going wild at a concert

Are you someone that likes to party?

Is watching live football, baseball, hockey or basketball important to you?

Baseball and glove

Are sports something you enjoy watching regularly?

How important is it to live close to a large body of water?

Dad holding sons hand on the beach

Do you need to live close to water?

Would you say you're...

Conservative rally

What is your political stance?

How important is public transportation to you?

Bus waiting for passengers

Do you need public transportation?

Which of these best describes your career...

Woman walking home from work

Which of these options is closest to your career?

Would you describe your weekends as...

Girl relaxed on couch reading a magazine

How do you like to enjoy your weekends?

When it comes to exploring nature by foot...

Person watching the sunset on top of a mountain

Are you a nature person or a city person?

How important is it to know your neighbors?

Neighbors having a picnic

How neighborly are you?