Which Terrifying Sea Creature are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Which C quality would your friends say best describes you?

The Letter C

Vowels are too easy. Choose a c quality that your friends would say matches your personality.

Do you agree with a shoot first, ask questions later approach to life?

Woman with fists up

Sea creatures have a wide range of aggression. What's the most accurate range for you?

Do you have a need for speed?

Car driving fast

Are you living life in the fast lane or do you prefer a calm pace?

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Ice cream flavors

Ice cream is delicious. Which of these flavors best describes your favorite?

How would you describe your taste in food?

Eclectic food dish

Are your taste buds readily accepting of new foods or do you keep to only one food?

Do you like to stand out from the crowd?

Different color pea in a pod

Some people prefer to fit in, some people prefer to stand out. Which are you?

Which sport best describes you?


There are dozens of sports found today. Which one best describes you?

If you were a household appliance, what would you be?

Cup of coffee and coffee maker

Appliances make life easy. Which is the appliance you can't take for granted?

How much do you like the idea of a staycation?

Woman relaxing at home

Home vacations can be fun... but only if you enjoy your home.

How proactive are you?

The word proactive

Some people wait while others create. How proactive would you define yourself?

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Assortment of fruits

Fruits are sweet and delicious. Which fruit do you prefer?

Which famous person would you most like to have met?

Marilyn Monroe

Meeting famous people can be a lot of fun. If you could pick only one of these four, which would it be?

How territorial are you?

Territorial dog

Some people never liked the song "This Land is Your Land." Do you let others into your space freely?

Which cartoon sidekick is your favorite?

Patrick Star from Sponge Bob

Sidekicks are what make a protagonist great. Which one is your favorite?