Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Which pizza topping is your favorite?

Pizza with many toppings

Which C characteristic best describes you?

The letter C

How important is technology in your life?

Circuit Board

If you were a potato chip flavor, what would you be?

Potato Chips

How responsible are you?

Hand writing the word responsibility

Which zoo animal do you most identify with?

Zebra couple

Do your friends see you as brave?

Person standing on top of large cliff

Which dance style best describes you?

Five artistic dancers

Someone bumps into you in a busy place. What do you do?

Person standing in middle of a large crowd

Which force of nature would you most like to be?

Lightning striking a city

How organized are you?

Organized materials

Which sport would you most like to be an Olympic medalist in?

Swimmer in Olympic pool

How good is your sense of humor?

Multiple people laughing

Which spice best describes you?

Wooden spoons with different spices

How much do you agree that knowledge is power?

Knowledge concept

If you were an item of clothing, what would you be?

Room full of clothing