Which Star Trek - The Next Generation Character are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

You take a transporter to another world, what is your favorite vacation spot?

You encounter a ship in the neutral zone. What do you do?

You best friend is....

Choose a weapon:


How would you deal with a huge setback on a big project?

Boy upset about a setback

Do you crave adventure?

Person watching over a beautiful sunset on top of a mountain

How do you show leadership?

Successful man adjusting tie before meeting with team

What is your favorite quote from Star Trek the Next Generation

Captain Picard saying

Would you be willing to risk everything to save someone?

Intense rescue mission over rough waters

You sibling falls down and scrapes their knee, what do you do?

Kid hurt on the ground

You enter a beauty pageant. How do you do?

Beauty Pageant

You passed your SAT test....

Person taking the SAT test

What do you order from the replicator?

Bags of teas hanging down

What is your relationship history like?

Couple happily embracing on a bench

You struggle with a handicap every day, how does this impact your life...

People in

You enter the science fair and the teachers say....

Teachers onlooking a student's science fair project

Do you like children?

Child with a messy face from eating