Which Roman God are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Which force of nature best describes you?

Lightning Storm

How bad tempered are you?

Woman with fists up

If you were a shoe style, what would you be?

Pair of shoes

How would your friends describe your disposition?

Woman punching man

How much do you like being in a leadership role?

Leader adjusting tie

If you were a Lost and Found item, what would you be?

Teddy Bear

Someone accidentally steps on your toe, what do you do?

Toe Stepping

Can you be trusted to keep a secret?

Person whispering into friend's ear

Which Abba hit is your favorite?


Which C characteristic best describes you?

The letter C

Which musical instrument do you most identify with?

Piano keys

How much do you like getting your hands dirty?

Person holding soil

Which Clue character would you most like to be?


Which decade's fashions do you most admire?

Multiple outfits

Which wild west outlaw do you most identify with?

Jesse James

If you were a board game, what would you be?

Monopoly pieces