Which One of Your Five Senses are You Most Connected To?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

You're on a blind date. What do you notice first about your date?

Blind folded person

What's the first thing you notice about your blind dates?

Which nursery rhyme character are you most like?

Humpty Dumpty

Out of these four nursery rhymes, which character are you most like?

You're served a weird-looking local delicacy, what do you do?

Restaurant delicacy

If an odd looking platter is laid on the table in front of you, what do you do first?

Which D characteristic best describes you?

The Letter D

Which of these four d characteristics describes you best?

Which type of curry would you be?

Curry Powders

Curry can be quite tasty. Which type would you be?

Which aspect of a trip to the beach do you most enjoy?

People on the beach

When you're taking a trip to the beach, what part about it do you most enjoy?

Which type of firework is your favorite?

Fireworks are bright, loud and fun. Which type is your favorite?

Which holiday memory lingers longest once you're home?

Margarita on the Beach

When you are reminiscing about the holidays, which moment do you think of most fondly?

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?


Out of these four cocktails, which would you pick to represent you?

Which innovation do you hope becomes a reality one day?


The future is exciting. Pick one of these innovations that you hope to become reality!

What makes your mouth water most?

Sizzling food pan

Sizzling pans, aisles of food, a lot can make your mouth water. Which makes you salivate the most?

Which amazing job would you most like to have?

Person adjusting tie

Pick one of these jobs that you would most enjoy having?

Which famous landmark best suits your character?

Grand Canyon

The world is beautiful. Which landmark fits your character best?

Which item would you hate to be without on your summer vacation?

Sunglasses on the beach

What could you never go without while on summer vacation?

If you were a pattern, which would you be?

Abstract pattern

Which of these cool patterns would you be?

Which world record would you most like to beat?

Number 1 trophy

Have a record you want to beat? Choose one of these four!