Which Horse Breed are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How often do you feel the need for speed?

Person driving fast

Which S characteristic best describes you?

The letter S

Which color of Power Ranger would you most like to be?

Power Rangers with fists together

How sensitive would your friends say you are?

Baby crying

If you were an alien, which planet would you like to be from?

Multiple planets

How calm are you under pressure?

Calm person in the water

Would you take the money, or risk it all on one more roll of the dice?

Two dice

How graceful are you as a dancer?

Elegant dancing

Which unusual skill would you most like to have?

Person making glasses with hands

How happy are you spending time alone?

Person all alone

If you could only have one sense, which would it be?


You're challenged to a running race, what do you do?

Marathon race

Which fridge item do you most identify with?

Giant fridge

What type of weather is your favorite?

Snowy trees

If you could meet one historical hero, who would it be?

Abraham Lincoln

If you were an animal for a day, what would you be?

Cat with bright eyes