Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

You're out camping and someone has a bloody accident, would you...

Bunch of medical supplies

How would you handle an emergency in the middle of nowhere?

Which of these subjects interests you the most

Scholarly books

Which of these 5 subjects are you most curious about?

You're in a long line at the DMV, how do you feel?

A long line in a DMV

Long lines tend to make you feel...

Which cartoon character do you identify with the most?

Bart Simpson

From these 5 options, which of these cartoon characters is most like you?

If you could achieve your dreams, you'd be a...

Albert Einstein

If your dreams came true, which of these four would describe your achievement?

In kindergarten you were...

Child drawing with crayons

What kind of student were you in kindergarten?

People say...

Beautiful woman

What would people most likely say about you?

Which of these people do you trust the most?

The word trust written in the sand

Which person in your life has earned your trust?

You'd rather be...

A eerie snake

Which aggressive creature would you rather be?

How well do you plan?

Pen on a notebook

How would you describe your planning habits?

You find clever riddles to be...

Glasses resting on top of Sudoku puzzles

When it comes to riddles, you feel...

What's the most important quality in a person?

Glasses on top of books

Which quality do you find most important in people?

You do your best work...

Person working

What situation do you work best in?

You get a job offer for more money. You turn it down because...

Stack of coins

What would be a reason for turning down another job offer?

You just found out that you broke something. What would you prefer it NOT to be?

Cracked screen

What's the last thing you want to break?

When it comes to getting your own way...

Angry person pointing at self

Is it your way or highway? Or can you compromise...