Which Historical President Is Most Like You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

There's a party next weekend! You are...

Big social party

Everyone loves parties. Except for those who don't. What type of person are YOU?

Your fashion style can best described as...

Fashionable woman

How important are clothes to you? Are you out to make a statement or do you just want to fit in?

Do you hold grudges?

Girl holding grudge

Your pet peeve is...

Woman annoyed and triggered

You have been asked to give a speech in front of a large crowd. You are...

Barrack Obama giving a speech

It is said that the number one fear of most Americans is to speak in public. Interestingly, number two is death. How do you feel about speaking in public?

Do you have many close friends?

Two very close friends

What best describes your family background growing up?

Family get-together

While family background and social status do not define you, they can influence your goals, your outlook on life, your view of the world, and possibly even your work ethic.

You have a dental appointment at 3:00 PM. You arrive there...

Dentist appointment

People who are chronically late are greatly annoying to those who are always punctual, and vice versa. Most of us are in the middle--wanting to be one time but not always managing to do so.

It's Thanksgiving and the whole family has gathered for dinner. Someone brings up a touchy subject. You are most likely to...

Thanksgiving dinner

Holiday dinners can be a breeding ground for uncomfortable and awkward conversations. How do you handle it when conversations become heated?

Sometimes you wonder...

Magic Eight Ball saying don't count on it

What do you wonder about?

You and your significant other are deciding where to go on your vacation. Your preference is to...

Beautiful beach to vacation to

What's your ideal vacation spot? Do you want an adventure or do you prefer a relaxing time away with no surprises? Let's see.

You need a screwdriver. Where is it?

Three screwdrivers

Are you someone who likes everything to be organized and in its place? Let's find out.

You are at the grocery store and notice there is a $20 bill on the floor. What do you do?

Twenty dollar bill

If find some cash that does not seem to belong to anyone, do you keep it?

You pass a homeless person on the street on your way to work. You feel...

Homeless person

How are you likely to respond when you see people less fortunate than yourself?

Which of the following T words best describes you?

The letter T

Which of these words best describes how you see yourself?

Some people view you as being...

Silhouette of a person walking alone

What others think of you is an indicator of your outward personality, as opposed to your true self. How do you come across to others?