Which Billionaire are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How often do you go to the dentist?

Which of these cartoon characters do you LEAST identify with?

What type of plan or strategy do you use to achieve your goals?

I believe that the arts are…

Quick! What's the approximate square root of 600?

Square root of 100

When you give money, you'd prefer to give it to...

Person giving someone money

You get a puzzle for Christmas, are you happy about it?

Hands solving puzzle pieces

Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

Contractors working together

Which subject interests you the LEAST?

Kids having fun in science

Helping the poor makes them lazy?

Homeless person

If you were to paint a masterpiece, what style of art would it be?

Mash-up of paints

How well do you keep up with world affairs?

Picture of the earth

When you were in high-school what group did you belong to?

Sign that says High School

Your best friend is cheating on their spouse. Would you...

Man cheating on his spouse

Do you have a five year plan?

Person in the middle of four roads

How assertive are you?

Person assertively offering handshake

Your thoughts about your upcoming family reunion?

Family reunion

Do you often think about mankind and destiny?

Touching of two fingers

I just won $100K. I'm going to…

Pile of money