Which Ancient Queen are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Which layer of trifle best describes you?

Elegant looking trifle

If you were an item of sports equipment, what would you be?

Boxing gloves

How much do you agree that revenge is sweet?

Woman with fists up ready for revenge

Which Monopoly token is your favorite?

Monopoly pieces

How strongly do you believe in the importance of education?

Classroom with chalkboard

Which famous street would you most like to walk along?


If you were a pair of pantyhose, what style would you be?

Fishnet pantyhose

How dutiful are you?

Military reporting for duty

You're scared of doing something. What do you do?

Kid hiding under pillows

Which energy source best describes you?

Windmills at sunset

How good are your conversation skills?

People in conversation

If you were a time of day, what would you be?

Giant sunset

Which extinct animal would you most like to bring back?

Woolly Mammoth

Which style of hat best describes you?

Collection of hats

How often do you break the rules?

Police car

Which Mystery Incorporated meddling kid do you most identify with?

Scooby Doo Gang