What Should Your Zodiac Sign Really Be?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Your credo is...

Question mark between quotes

Most people would describe you as...

Silhouette stretching out arms and graphically filled with positive adjectives

When it comes to conflict, you..

Sign with the word

You need a new sofa. You..

Classy leather black sofa

Your brother asks to borrow money. Again. You..

Pile of American cash

Someone asks you to provide a reference for a former employee. You..

Pen writing a recommendation

Rules are..

Referee enforcing the rules

Two friends are arguing. You..

Two people screaming at each other

You joined a club. What role are you most likely to take?

Picture of a presidential seal

When you are alone you...

Kid watching TV alone

What T-word best describes you?

Multiple words repeating over a background

No one would ever guess that you are..


Your lunch date is late and does not answer their phone. You..

Classy clock ticking

You want to vacation in Florida; your partner wants to go skiing.You..

Florida state sign