What Literature Villain are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How hard working are you?

Hard working man using wood saw

Which C characteristic best describes you?

If you were a fabric pattern, what would you be?


What's your favorite animal?

Cat starring ominously

How good are your powers of persuasion?

Person using persuasion

Which kitchen appliance do you most identify with?

Cup of coffee and coffee maker

Someone is invading your personal space, what do you do?

Woman with crowd in her space

Your friend looks bad in a new outfit, what would you say?

Woman with fashionable outfit

Which chocolate is your least favorite in the box?

The opposition offer you a better deal, what do you do?

Which is your favorite number?

Multiple Numbers

How driven are you?

Person writing their business plan

You're buying a new car. What color would you choose?

Sports Car

Do you agree that money isn't everything?

100 dollar bill

If you were a board game, what would you be?

Monopoly pieces

What book genre do you most identify with?