What Type of Guy Should You Date?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How comfortable are you in social situations?

Guy and girl chatting casually

What's your taste in porn?

Someone watching porn on their phone

How many one-night-stands have you had?

Tinder app

Which is closest to your ideal date?

Man and woman holding hands

Would people call you a charitable person?

Donating Money

When it comes to admiration, what makes you swoon most?

Attractive guy with abs showing

Thoughts on marriage?

Marry Me written in the sand

Which job is sexiest to you?

Bartender skillfully pouring a drink with fire

If you're not official, is it okay for you to date other people?

Woman laughing with man over dinner

How often do you dress sexy for him?

Woman in attractive lingerie and dress

How many dates before you make the sex?

Man and woman kissing passionately


Five kids striking a pose

What do you consider to be your best quality?

Woman smiling elegantly

What kind of personality are you most attracted to?

Lighthearted guy acting goofy

Your feelings on recreational drugs?

Cocaine lined up

Who takes charge in the bedroom?

Woman kissing man on the neck