What TV Lawyer Are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

The A word that best describes your personality is..

Picture of a confident and honest person

Other people think you are...

Mysterious hallway with a person in the light

The scariest person in the world is..

Scary Zombie

You see a very attractive person at the end of the bar. You..

Attractive woman lying on a bar counter

You are having an argument with a friend. You...

Man arguing

You know your friend's spouse is cheating on them. You..

Man having an affair

Would you ever knowingly break the law?

Crime scene do not cross artistic rendering

Your boss is fired unfairly. You..

Disagreeable person at work

There is an office party tonight. You..

Social work gathering

You are at a restaurant with no reservation. You..

Classy set-up of a restaurant dining table

You know a secret you promised not to divulge. You..

Girl whispering into best friend's ear

You and a colleague are up for the same promotion. You..

Sign labeled

Your colleague was promoted instead of you. You...

Person punching fist through a computer

You see a homeless person. You feel..

Homeless woman on street

Sometimes I wonder..

Woman thinking deeply