What Tarot Card are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

When packing for a trip, you tend to pack..


You like your favorite resturant because...

Beautiful restaurant

Which of these cartoon characters do you identify with?

Marvin the Martin

Would you rather that life had a ....

Media player with controls

Would you rather be...

Donald Trump holding up peace sign

Would you rather fix......

Hardware tools to fix something

Do you trust your heart or your head?

Person thinking deeply

When it comes to pushiness…

Pushy kid with fist out

How important is winning?

Boy excited to win on a computer game

You're walking with your friend and you find a $100 bill, do you...

100 dollar bill

If you could, would you want to see your future?

Fortune teller rubbing crystal ball

What's your relationship with junk food?

Pringles laid out

How would you describe your bedroom?

Gorgeous contemporary bedroom

How often have you felt depressed for more than 3 days?

Woman contemplating life

I go on binges...

Man binge drinking alcohol

When it comes to religion...

Crosses as a silhouette over a sunset

What was your last New Year's resolution?

Scrabble letters saying Happy New Year

How often are you the designated driver?

Designated driver