What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Someone offers to buy you a drink. You order...

Shelf full of liquor

Do you keep up with the top artists in the music industry?

Phone playing music

When you hear a good beat you usually...

Muscular man listening to music

Who is your favorite musician?

Music score

When you play sports, you are....

Baseball and glove

Where is your favorite spot to be when you attend a concert?

Person crowd surfing

What type of music do you find yourself listening to the most?

Headphones next to computer and vinyl

Are you always tripping over furniture?

Furniture everywhere

What is most important to you?

Two sisters smiling

Do you enjoy routine or prefer to be spontaneous?

Someone spontaneously break dancing

What of the following phrases is closest to your personality?

Two people talking to each other

When did you last talk to a friend?

Person texting on their phone

People are talking about you. How does that make you feel?

Woman stressed out

What musician do you best relate to?

Music artist holding their fist in the air

What describes your dancing style?

Artist rendering of people dancing

Do you find yourself whistling along to songs?

Doo wap singers

What is your performance style?

Guitarist taking the stage

Would you rather have more...

Clock and money on a scale