What Kind of Makeup Should You Wear?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

What type of pet are you likely to own?

Cat's shadow

Are you in a relationship?

Couple watching the sunset

Do you read celebrity gossip?


How would your friends describe your behavior at a party?

Concert full of energy

Some acquaintances have invited you skydiving...

Skydiving group

What kind of shoes did you wear the most last week?

Picture of stilettos

How likely are you to flirt with an attractive person you've just met?

Woman smiling and looking flirtacious

Where is your ideal vacation spot?

Family traveling across bridge to ocean

How often do you prefer to be alone?

Person on top of a mountain watching the sunset

Which of these would you most likely choose to take to a deserted island?

Picture of a book covered in pedals

Out of the following, who would you like to sit down to dinner with?

Woman with soft hair smiling

How often do you make new friends online?

Woman typing on her Apple computer

Your favorite mode of transportation is..

Bus on a rainy day

What are you wearing on a first date?

Woman in black dress and silver necklace

Are you a smoker?

Person smoking

Which quality describes you best?

Sunlit woman silhouette

Would you rather...


If you had to spend a month in nature somewhere, you would rather choose...

Arizona desert