You Should Buy a Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you're looking for the latest tech, you're in luck - the future of cameras is here. With their compact sizes, lightning-fast shooting and flawless live-preview, mirror-less cameras make DSLRs look like dinosaurs.

Mirror-less cameras have done away with the DSLR's clunky mirror and viewfinder, making them significantly smaller while still offering the same features. Since there are no moving parts other than the shutter, mirror-less cameras also have much higher shooting speeds, thanks DSLR, which makes them ideal for sports and other hectic activities. Additionally, having a live preview instead of an optical viewfinder allows you to see exactly how the image will turn out before clicking the shutter.

Because they're so new, mirror-less cameras still have significant disadvantages over DSLRs. One is battery life - DSLRs can shoot thousands of photos on a single charge, but the live preview on mirror-less cameras means they can last barely a tenth as long. This may not be a problem for taking shots of your friends or family, but for travelers and professionals it can be a deal breaker. They are also more expensive than DSLRs, and after adding lenses and other gear the lighter body becomes less important.

However, you should expect these problems to be solved in the near future. Pretty much everyone agrees that mirror-less cameras are the way forward, so if you're an early adopter they may be just the right thing for you.