You should Buy a Full-Frame DSLR

Canon EOS 6D Full-Frame SLR Digital Camera

You're a serious amateur with cash to burn -- so t's time to get the camera you've always wanted - a full-frame DSLR with Hollywood-quality video, crazy-high ISOs and control over the smallest details. This is what the real pros use. Congratulations, you've made it!

But as you probably already know, joining the big leagues comes at a price. The cheapest full-frame DSLR bodies cost just under $1400 to over $5000 for professional workhorses that can basically see in the dark. If you're buying one of these, you're either making money off your photography or are a seriously committed hobbyist.

These cameras aren't for amateurs either, even if you have the money to burn. Without years of experience and hundreds of thousands of shots under your belt you probably won't appreciate the advantages that come with having a top of the line DSLR. If you don't already know how to use an SLR inside and out the sheer number of buttons, wheels and other controls will overwhelm most people.

Not to mention that a full-frame DSLR can be massive compared to point-n-shoot cameras and smaller crop sensor DSLRs. The added durability can be a plus for some - you don't want to be climbing a mountain or running around a war zone with a flimsy bridge or mirror-less camera - but if you don't need the extra features a full-frame camera can turn out to be a burden you'd rather leave at home.