What's Your Secret Political Leaning?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

What was your FAVORITE fashion decade?

What's your worst day of the week?

When taking a flight you arrive at the airport...


You're getting a new puppy! Are you...

Puppy popping out of play box

When would you jaywalk?

Two people jay walking

You like your favorite restaurant because...

Restaurant table set-up

Are you frugal?

Balancing money

Petty rules are meant to be broken

Picture of gavel and lawyer scale

How concerned about your appearance are you?

Woman brushing hair in mirror

How do feel about gossip?

Two women gossiping

Pick the city you'd LEAST like to visit next week?

Reflection of New York City

Pick your most fun activity

Outdoor activities

Some drunk tries to pick a fight with you. Do you...

Woman with boxing gloves punching man

Do you think that when it comes to reducing crime...

Hands in Handcuffs

What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?

Pair of shoes

When eating out with your S.O., do you

Partners Drinking

When you're invited to a party, you...

Ambient Party Scene

Who did you identify most with in school?

High School Students

You have to dye your hair for halloween. What color do you choose?

Hair Dyes