What College Major is Best for You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

During election season, you are most likely to...


Do you like meeting new people?

Multiple name tags

How patient are you?

Impatiently waiting

If you could ban or outlaw one thing, what would it be?

Thou shalt not text

You won the lottery. What do you do?

Lots of cash stashed inside of a suitcase

You just tripped and fell down in front of a lot of strangers. What do you do?

Person about to slip on a banana peel

The scariest person in the world is:

Child extremely scared

How far do you intend to go with your education?

Man showing a thumbs up after graduating

You're buying a new computer. What matters most?

Laptop on a table

You see a homeless person. What do you do?

Dramatic image of a homeless person

When you are in a group you are most likely to..

Illustration of a group of people

What game would you prefer to play?

Board Game

Are you squeamish?

Syringe with blood pouring out

Do you read for fun?

Kindle Book