What Casino Game Could You Win At?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Your child wants to get chocolate at the store, but you don’t want to ruin their dinner. What do you do?

What is your favorite accessory?

A cop pulls you over for speeding, what do you do?

Police officer with crossed arms

You see someone get hit in the privates with a ball. What is your reaction?

Woman screeching after being hit in the privates with a ball

One of your closest friends wants to go bungee jumping. How does this make you feel?

Person jumping with a bungee

You are digging for oysters at the beach. What happens?

Two shovels digging into a sandy beach

What is your favorite gambling line?

Pocket aces

You are interested in buying a used car. The price is right, but you have a bad feeling, what do you do?

Used beat up car

You just started a new business. Do you have a strategy?

Person planning their business strategy on paper

It’s your turn to pick out the game on family game night. What do you pick out?

Monopoly board

You want to learn to surf, but are deathly afraid of sharks. What do you do?

Person surfing about a giant shark shadow

Do you trust your instincts?

The word

Your idea of budgeting is:

Collection of coins

You go on a blind date, what do you wear?

Guy playing guitar for his date on the beach

What is your idea of a comfortable lifestyle?

Family walking to the tip of a boardwalk on the beach

When you play chess, do you prefer...

Chess pieces