How Well Do You Think You Know the Simpsons?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How did episode 8 get its name... The Telltale Head?

Simpsons house labeled Episode 8

As part of a student exchange, Bart went to France but what country did the boy Adli come from?

Eiffel tower with a question mark on top

When Homer called the missing child hotline after Maggie went missing, what was the hold music?

Iphone with headphones and question mark

Which episode features Ke$ha - TiK ToK in the intro?

Ke$ha tik tok

Which is the only Simpson's character to have five fingers per hand?

Five fingers with a question mark on top

Who shot Mr. Burns?

Mr. Burns with a city skyline shadow on his face

How many continents have the Simpsons visited?

Continents with question mark on top

Which was the first name change to Moe's Tavern?

Moe's Tavern with a question mark on top

Which is Apu's last name?

Apu with hands together

What is the name of the Simpson's family doctor?

Stethoscope with a question mark on top

What is read on the checkout scanner when Maggie gets scanned?

Maggie getting scanned at the grocery store

Which season did Snake Jailbird make his debut?

Snake with a money demanding gesture

What talent did Bart discover when Homer took a loan from Selma & Patty?

Bart laying comfortably in a pose

In the episode Trilogy of Error, which scene is shown repeatedly?

Simpsons house labeled Trilogy of Error

Which year did The Simpsons first air?