Should You Get a Cat or a Dog?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How much do you like walking in the rain?

Walking in the rain

Which Disney movie is your favorite?

Walt Disney World

You're babysitting and a diaper needs changing, what do you do?

Baby waiting to be changed

Which singing style best describes you?

Person singing into microphone

Which season is your favorite?

Elegant snowfall

What allergies do you have?

Person sneezing into tissue

How important is it to you to feel needed?

Two people comforting each other

How much do you agree that a clean and tidy home is a happy home?

Cleaning utilities

Which precious metal best describes you?

Piles of gold bars

How often do you exercise?

Person exercising

What's your idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon?

Person relaxing in the water

How often do you like to go away on vacation?

Costa Rica

Which ancient tribe do you most identify with?

Ancient tribe

Which stunt would you most like to perform?

Motocross stunt

Which discovery would you most like to make?

astronaut in space

Which fashion trend would you most like to ban?

Fashionable woman