Which Shakespeare Production Should You Star In?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

It's a long wait, and someone cuts in line. Do you...

Woman with her fists up

Someone just walked ahead of you in line. You...

You're settling in for the night when someone texts you to join them. You...

Scrabble tiles spelling Yes

Your significant other's favorite football team is playing and he received two free tickets! You hate football. You..

You notice someone is staring at you. You...

Person making hand binoculars

Are you self-conscious when you are around others? Or are you comfortable in your own skin?

What kind of movies do you prefer?

Movie Reel

What is your favorite film genre?

A black cat just walked in front of you. You...

Black cat

How superstitious are you?

Which of the following board games do you like best?

Battleship game

Board games can be a lot of fun. What kind of board games do you like to play

People sometimes think you are...

Wireframe head

What do other people think about you?

Which of the following words best describes you?

Quotation Marks

What do you think about yourself?

Do you want your boss's job?

Boss talking

How ambitious are you

You hate books and movies that...


What kinds of books and movies do you really not like?

Your favorite superhero is...


If you had to pick a favorite superhero, who would it be?

Your favorite Star Wars character is...


Out of these five Star Wars characters, which is your favorite?

Your favorite subject in high school was...


When you were in school, what was your favorite class?