You are Professor Polgas -- the Bat Morpher!

illustration of Professor Polgas

In the book, The Experiment of Professor Polgas, the bat is represented by PROFESSOR POLGAS himself, the mad but brilliant scientist who discovers a way to turn a human into an animal and back again. He is not quite on the same plane as everybody else and is a master of his craft; but the professor must acknowledge that no man is without flaw, for even genius comes at a price...

And genius also comes in many forms. As a bat -- solitary, eccentric and small in stature -- his remarkable brain knows no limits. Bats are innovators, explorers, and wholly enigmatic. They may not be the most modest of characters, but hey, what does it matter? They are too brilliant for all that! Rarely is there a time when they are not thinking up new and exciting ideas during the witching hour, concocting plans that others would deem crazy - yet they said the same about Logie Baird, the Wright brothers and Edison. Who's laughing now!